Can I be on the show?

  • Are you 18-25 years old?
  • Do you want to be financially savvy?
  • Do you Want to win $1,000 and free financial planning advice from Certified Financial Planners?
  • Do you have 4 minutes to enter?

What do I have to do to win $1000 and free financial planning?

Each week, we will ask our contestants a question about their financial lives. You will have one week to blog your answer. Our panel of judges will give feedback on your efforts. When the challenges are complete, voting will begin. You can win by convincing our judges and the voting public of your financial prowess.

Contest Schedule

Sep 3:Challenge 1
Sep 10:Challenge 2
Sep 17:Challenge 3
Sep 24:Challenge 4
Oct 1 - 15:Voting period
Oct 22:Winner Announced!

What kind of contestant are you looking for?

We're looking for people from a wide range of educational backgrounds and careers (no career? No problem. Unemployed people need financial planning too!). You have to want to change your financial organization situation, but you don't have to know how to do it.

Life is a series of financial hurdles. Let the Nerds help. Questions? Drop us an email!

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