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Two things worth checking out that are hilarious an funny to me, respectively.

Hilarious: Onion Video… or, if you don’t have the flash plugin ’cause your computer is too old (MOM!) then look here.

I was recently in the New York Post and was chosen to go on a blind date on them… anyway – I’ll be going on Sunday, and the NYP is taking us out here. Probably the swankiest meal I’ll have for a while… kind of cracks me up. Not just that I get to eat expensive food for free – but just the whole situation. I feel so weird.



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There’s just not enough time for everything… I wrote my last post on a sticky (on my computer) while I was on the subway so that I could cut and paste it up here when I got home because I knew that I would have to get straight to work when I had my internet. But that meant that I couldn’t read… and since subways are the only time I’ve carved out for books, that meant that I’d just have to go a day without the written word which is, in a general sense kind of sad, but also disappointing in the particular instance because I’m really loving the book that I’m reading right now: “The New Kings of Non-Fiction“… a compilation of articles that Ira Glass (of This American Life) chose and edited.

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Que Bueno (How Wonderful)

On February 24, 2009, in Other, by zach

“Que Bueno, Que Bueno” by Jarabe De Palo, with Jorge Drexler

This is my favorite song for right now – some time, when I have more time (read: never), I’ll put up a translation for anyone who doesn’t speak spanish (or have someone to translate)… it’s beautiful all the way around… Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore would be proud.

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On February 17, 2009, in Other, by zach

“Footsteps Fall” by Doug Katagiri

I’m feeling a little lost at the moment… I’m kind of all over the place, and I feel like maybe I should focus a little bit more… I’ve been working more, doing temp stuff for Teach for America and Uncommon Schools… and have recently started scouring craigslist for gigs (which has actually been pretty fruitful as far as things go)… on my films page is the latest project I worked on, off of a craigslist job ad…

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On February 15, 2009, in Other, by zach

Anyone whose into graphics/film/web might be interested in checking this site out – it’s yet another social networking site, this time geared towards the creative community. Sounds like in addition to getting connected to other people who you might be able to collaborate with, it’s also a place that hopes to someday be a destination for people who are looking for talent to do their bidding… anyway – just thought I’d throw this out there for anyone interested:



On February 10, 2009, in Other, by zach

“Money” by Ленинград is no longer here…

And speaking of money and… er… tough times (as I wrote about in my last post), last Friday I worked at the silent auction part of a fundraising gala for a wealthy private school on the upper east side. It was a 5-hr gig that paid $100 and fed me dinner, so I said, “sign me up” and spent my Friday night hovering over a wine table, where gala-goers who had paid $500/ticket JUST TO GET INTO THE EVENT perused donated goods/vacations/etc and bid on them. The big item at my table was a 3L bottle of Cristal (I learned that a 3L bottle of wine is referred to as a Jeroboam) that eventually sold for somewhere in the ballpark of 3k.

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Tough Times

On February 10, 2009, in Other, by zach

Works been pretty slow – I guess you can blame the economy – or, as I think I’ve mentioned before – I’m hoping that it’s just the natural ebb and flow of being in a freelance field. I was actually talking to someone and saying that when I say that I’m “making it” as a freelancer, really all that amounts to is that I’ve been able to land a couple really solid gigs that have pretty much paid for my livelihood. I get a lot of jobs, sure, but you take out the wrong two jobs from the dozens I’ve done, and all the sudden I’m in the poorhouse. Kind of scary… but I guess that’s how it goes.

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File Management

On February 8, 2009, in Other, by zach

Another great piece of software that you might be interested in, if you’re doing a lot of complicated projects with tons of files (like webdesign/audio/graphics/film) is SyncTwoFolders.

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Time to write…

On February 6, 2009, in Other, by zach

I was looking back on these posts, and wondering how I had so much time to write them – and figured out that it was probably because work has been pretty slow for the past few weeks. I mean, there’re lots of “things to do” but not really paying “work” per se… which should probably be a little worrisome to me, but I’m hoping that this is just the natural ebb and flow of being a freelancer. I’m finding ways to fill the time, but I need to remember to find lucrative ways to fill my time, otherwise mom and dad will be getting emails titled “I love you” with bodies that say, simply, “please send money.” Haha. I’m sure that would make them super happy.

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On February 4, 2009, in Other, by zach

“Change Me” by Zach Katagiri used to be posted here…

Dad got a new Ukulele over break, and I got a chance to play around with it while I was home. A really fun instrument… anyway, towards the end of break, when I was getting sad to have to leave it, I recorded this short, simple, song, and finally (just the other day) got around to mixing it down. So it’s posted here… and on my music page (which you can listen to if you’re not on Internet Explorer (still working out that bug). Have a listen if you want.

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On February 4, 2009, in Other, by zach

I think I’m all but well now… I spent yet another day sleeping… ALL DAY, pretty much. Although, by the afternoon (maybe around 4) I was feeling good enough that I got up… showered, stripped the bed and am washing all the sheets now… vacuumed the apartment, took out all the trashes… and think I’m ready for a fresh start. I’m still a little stuffed up, but I think I definitely got this thing on the run… and, were it not for the fact that I’ve hardly been eating, I imagine that I would have more energy. But I have this feeling, that I think is well-restedness, and I can’t believe how good it feels. I’ll have to remember this next time I’m contemplating taking a nap or starting a new project.

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On February 2, 2009, in Other, by zach

I’m sick for the first time in probably a couple years… which is super lame. So I’ve been in my apartment for the past couple days, literally just sleeping and getting up every now and again to work on various websites for an hour or two and then going back to sleep. It’s amazing how physically strenuous website coding can seem! Who knew!?

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